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PRD is working with BOT signage provider since last five years and successfully completed some large projects with renowned ad companies. Now we are also spreading our wings in the BOT schemes for signages   beautification , providing amenities and essential service.

The Government’s prime focus is on the Road sector & to improve infrastructure facility in the country. Lots of projects are going on & are under implementation of Road construction. It is important to provide safety instructions to the Road users and motorist. A advance direction information are necessary for possible hazard and diversion to secure the life of road user. In the night becomes more essential to give instructions, caution warning and information through use of Retro-reflective Signages in the construction Zone.

Commercial graphics is an concept for modern advertising to develop the FMCG and other consumable market . PRD is engaged in manufacturing commercial graphics signages for the big corporate houses and advertising agencies having a remarkable pressence in the business og glow signs, POP signs, screen processed signs and digital image & graphics.

PRD having in house fabrication facility for Display Systems used by corporate & advertising agencies, we have a large numbers of specially extruded aluminum section profiles make display systems as per your suitability and economics.

PRD is one of the largest glow sign facia fabricator in North India  and  are  spreading  in west  and south India. Manufacturing glow facia signs for all Oil Companies.

Commonly known as “Glow in the Dark” signs. These signs & Stickers are processed with high performance photoluminesent sheeting which gets luminous in a dark place when absorbing and accumulating the light energy from the sun, electric lamps etc. PRD photoluminscent signs are mainly used in interiors of hotels, Large Halls, Rooms, Borders, & Stairs .Underground Tunnels, factories, lifts & any where you need to service in the dark.

PRD has introduced the new concept of Retro-reflective tiles. It eliminate the problem of placing reflective devices on cement, concrete, bridges, culverts, road crossings, cemented roundabouts , centre islands and tunnels. It can be fixed with the mixture of sand & cement. PRD reflective tiles are available in a vast range of sized and reflective sheeting options to suit your need of application and design . PRD reflective safety tiles can be used as a symbol, informatory sign board, hazard marker, kilometer stone. road information etc.

PRD provides retro-reflective vehicle safety marking to fleet owners & heavy commercial vehicle owners to avoid accidents at night.

PRD having a vast range of Retro Reflective Devices road safety Barriers. Suit to needs
of your roads Requirements.

PRD’s Safety Jackets made from specially developed knitted fabric for all weather condition as per ANSI & EN Specifications. The  Omni Brite S-900 Series reflective Fabrics Embossed on garments give night time visibility. We advice and recommended to use this reflective Jacket by Construction work zone workers, Police Men, Fire Men, Railway Gangs & as a night safety tool on Roads & Highways.


Avery Dennison Omni Brite S-900 Reflective Fabrics

Omni Brite S-900 Reflective Fabric comes from the stable of Avery Dennison – the global leader in Retroreflective Technologies.  Omni Brite Reflective Fabric is designed to provide exceptional visibility from all angles ensuring for the day wearer – day and night.




Omni Brite S-900 Reflective Fabric is a multy layer, micro prismatic retro reflective material.. When light hits the microprisms, it is first reflected through the surface, then redirected back towards the light source, resulting in high visibility through reflectivity.


Omni Brite S-900  fabric reflects upto 1500 times more light than white fabrics when viewed under night time driving conditions, allowing the wearer to be easily detected conditions and in cluttered environments.
Enhanced visibility garments with 56 inch of Omni Brite S-900 white fabric on each side ensure visibility.


Retroreflective Brightness:
Maximum brighten for superior visibility. It’s white color have a maximum reflectivity of 530 cd/lx/ per sq. mt. 
 Brightness: Angularity :
 Remains highly reflective when viewed  at wide entrance angles.
 Wash  Durability:
 Machine washable or dry cleanable. Over 75% of original brightness can be retained after   repeated washing.
Flexibility :
Nice hand feel and remains flexible after application.
 Vide  versatility : 
Applies well to most fabrics for making safety belts/vests, work uniform, wearing and fashion apparel, rainwear, Sports wear, bags, gloves, shoes and other accessories for maximum visibility. Omni Brite S-900 Film can also adhere well to  PVC or PU.
Flame and Heat resistance:
Omni Brite S-900  Reflective material is flame and heat resistance making it ideal for firefighters uniform and jackets. 

Omni Brite S-900  reflective material (Fabric, Transfer Films, trims) offer high visibility and safety for construction and road            workers,  police, firefighting personnel, , bicycle and motorcycle riders, miners, airport personal and can be used as a fashion          vehicle  too.

Manufacturing Retro-Reflective Road Safety signages &  Symbols for NHAI Major Engineering Road Construction
Companies , State PWD, CPWD, &  Development.

Delineators , Catstuds (Raised Pavement Markers,) Guard Rail reflectors , Safety Helmets , Advance verification sheeting, Traffic Bollards

The upper Blue/ White sign consists a keep left symbol and the lower sign with Yellow/Red bands uses for Caution identification and called Hazard marker.

 Prismatic Fluorescent Grade

24-Hour Visibility
Avery Dennison T-7511 and T-7513 combines the power of micro prismatic reflectivity with a durable fluorescent yellow and yellow-green color respectively. This combination offers the highest levels of visibility around the clock. The fluorescent color creates exceptionally bright sings during daylight house, especially at twilight and dawn. at nighttime, the micro prismatic reflectivity provides the brightest levels of retro reflection available for improved performance over traditional glass-beaded materials.

Exceptional Fluorescent Light Stability
T-7511 Fluorescent Yellow and T-7513 Fluorescent yellow-green offer exceptional UV-durability. Other fluorescent product the fluorescent colorants. Unfortunately, these additives eventually breakdown or migrate from the system leaving the fluorescent color vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV-light. instead of relying upon UV-additives, Avery Dennison has built the UV-absorbing properties into the sheeting itself. There is nothing to break down or migrate from the product. In fact, the polymeric system in which the fluorescent colorants are dispersed is a natural UV-absorber.  Thus, T-7511 Fluorescent yellow and T-7513 fluorescent yellow-green provide outstanding light-stability for longer lasting fluorescent road sings.

Brilliant Fluorescent Color
T-7511 and T-7513 offer a vibrant fluorescent yellow and yellow-green color respectively. This unique color provides outstanding contrast against busy backgrounds for improved daytime visibility at potentially dangerous intersections and crosswalks


Minimum Coefficient of Retroreflection (RA) (cd/lx/m2)

T-7511 T-7513
Yellow – Green
   0.1o -4o 650 840
30o 260 340
   0.2o -4o 375 480
30o 170 240
   0.5o -4o 165 235
30o 85 110
Values are mean of test results with  є = 0o  and  є  = 90o.

T-7511 (Fluroscent yellow)

T-7513 (Fluroscent yellow- green)

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