The stimsonite brand Lifelite 953 Reflective pavement marker provides longer life in heavy traffic locations, with higher reflectivity and exceptional structural integrity.

Low-profile Footprint
The low, contoured profile and smaller impact area reduce the battering effects of repeated tore impact. Radial tries can wrap around the marker, putting more of the vehicle's weight on the pavement and less on the marker. The sanded base of LifeLite 953 also features linear guides for installation alignment and long-term adhesion.

For availability and specification on LifeLite 953, or any of  our other highway safety products, contact the Avery Dennison customer support center at 1-800-327-5917.

Specifications :

    Materials :  Housing is molded of ASA (acrylic- styrene - acrylonirite ). The reflective lenses are molded of methyl
                     methacrylate conforming to ASTM D788. Filled is an inert, Tightly adherent potting compound.
    Size :         4.5" long x 2.75" wide x 0.625 high
                     11.5 cm x 7.0 cm x 1.6 cm (nominal)

    Weight :     Standard package of 100 units 25bs. (11 Kg.)

Improved Housing Design
A weather-resistant polymer blend housing is filled with an inert potting compound that adds strength from the inside out. This increased durability provides grater resistance to damage by traffic and to breakage due to spot loading from uneven road surfaces. This patented construction provides a stronger  bond than filled -shell markers and better adhesion than those with open, waffleitype bottoms.

      Optical performance
(at 0.2 observation angle):
White   3.0 at 0 entrance angle
            2.4 at 20 entrance angle
Yellow  60% of the values for white.
Red      25% of the values for white.
Detailed specification are available for inspection.


Glass-Face for long-Life brightness
A tough layer of untempered lens from abrasion and allows it to self-clean with every tier contact. Independent road tests prove stimsonite's patented glass-faced marker retain their reflective value longer than unglassed markers. Markers stay brighter longer and are replaced less often, reducing maintenance costs.



Lifelite 953 A
Both faces are reflective in the same color. Available in white and yellow., or in special order colors.



Lifelite 953 B
One face is reflective for monodirectional viewing. Slightly lower cost than "A" units. Available in standard colors or special order colors.


Provide dual-purpose two-way, two-color reflectorization for controlling wrong-way movement on divided higways or exit/entrance ramps. Supplied in any combination of white, red, or yellow.

How to Order

When ordering . use the following part numbers to designate the model and color you desire :

Description Part Number
Yellow/ Yellow 953  AY
White/ White 953  AW
Yellow One-Way 953  BY
White One-Way 953  BW
White/ Red 953  ERW
Yellow/ Red 953  ERY



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